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2015 saw Golden Dragon host its first Action Movie Summer Camp at our former location on San Vicente. This week-long worshop was as much fun for the instructors as it was for the kids. Aside from intensive martial arts training, the students were introduced to the basics of acting for the camera, fight choreography, and script workshopping. Our Final Project, Once Upon a Time in China, was a sweeping success. The young actors' talent shone through as we explored a fun yet thoughtful story adapted by Master Valery Prosvirov. This will be just one of the many works released through The Gold Stanley LLC in the next few years. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating this film.

Summer-Camp7-(2015).jpg   Summer-Camp6-(2015).jpg

Golden Dragon visit the Dragonfest in Los Angeles (18 July 2015)

On July 18th, Dmitry Prosvirov took his student Finnegan to Dragonfest in Burbank, one of the largest annual martial arts conventions in the world. To say it was a star-studded event would be shy of the mark; some of the biggest names in the martial arts world were in attendance, all aiming to have fun and rub elbows while discussing new and future projects.

At Shuny Bee studio (Jun.20.2015)

As they say, one good turn deserves another... On June 20th, Dmitry Prosvirov and Bohannon Orr got a chance to return the favor that Shuny Bee paid us by visiting KF of GD. They were among a select few other martial artists invited to attend a fight choreography workshop for Bee's newest film in production, "Fight of Fury", which will star Shuny Bee, Kathy Long and Eric Lee. It is expected to be released near springtime of next year.

Shuny Bee Visit to Golden Dragon (Jun.15.2015)

Golden Dragon Kung Fu is preparing to strike the celluloid! On June 15th, the kwoon received a visit from martial arts instructor and film actor Shuny Bee out of the blue! Bee was in awe as he perused our dojo and training tools, including our twin Wooden Men. Afterwards, Master Valery and he discussed potential future film projects, including the upcoming third installment of the Lessons of Fate Series.

Eric Lee's Tribute (May 31 2015)

May 31st marked a momentous occasion in the martial arts world; this day marked the video documentary release and honorary life tribute of martial arts legend Eric Lee. Grandmaster Valery was in attendance along with many other renowned figures in martial arts, including legendary cinema action choreographer Ewart Chin and acclaimed instructor and Owner/Chief Editor of Sidekick Publications Allen Woodman.

Kung Fu Award Ceremony report (May, 30, 2015)

In the end of May 2015, Golden Dragon summed up the results of its academic year and proudly awarded its best students. Their hard work and great efforts in learning Martial Arts put them onto the next level and gave them the status of Dragon Warriors. We are so happy that our young warriors continue practicing and making next steps on the great path of Kung Fu. Keep on, guys, - so many adventures wait for you ahead!



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With our 26 new Dragon Warrior students matriculated and ready to kick into the next level of training, Golden Dragon plans on offering even fun and intense training in the coming school year, including Stunt work, acrobatics, and forms, as well as Martial Art Performance for the Camera! We will also be putting emphasis on the scholastic aspect of kung fu, such as philosophy and history of martial arts. Our hope is not simply to create better fighters; we want our students to also become better people. Congratulations again, young Dragons!!



Basil Masters Visit to Golden Dragon (May.28.2015)

Putting Fate In Place: White Dragon and Russian Dragon

Discuss "Lessons of Fate - Respect

With the myriad of things constantly going on in Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, one thing is never far from Master Valery's mind; his personal vision of changing the world with traditional principles of Kung Fu. He has been working toward this goal with his self-pinned series, Lessons of Fate. The first installment, Wisdom, was a mystic, ethereal take on an ancient Chinese tale. Its sweeping yet well-tailored message served as a proper prequel for the second installment, Dignity.

Prosvirov Valery Interview on Radio Shanson USA - RUS (May, 24, 2015)

Grand Master Prosvirov Valery Interview on Radio Shanson USA - Part 1 - Russian language

Part 2

U.S.A. Martial Arts "Hall of Fame" (2015)
May 23, 2015, U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame

This day was a milestone, not just for Kung Fu of Golden Dragon, but also for the school's Headmaster, Valery Prosvirov. May 23rd, 2015 marks the day when Valery Prosvirov was bestowed with title of Grand Master, as well as the school's 3rd year being honored by the Martial Arts Business Hall of Fame!