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The Path to Great Potential Opens Up during Childhood

Every child is different: they can be quiet or restless, serious or playful, creative or funny, but one thing all children have in common: they all have a lot of energy. Part of our role as parents is to channel this energy in the right direction, discover our child's talents and help them achieve their best. It’s not an easy task but we are willing and able to help you on this journey. Here we explain how we do it.

Golden Dragon is a martial arts school, not a competitive sports organization. Our priorities are improving the health and expanding the capabilities of each student. For five thousand years, those who have practiced Chinese Kung Fu have had phenomenal results, not just in health, but in their overall self-development.

Effects of kung fu on development of children

Kung Fu has still a much greater impact on entire human organism.

One of the main advantages of Kung Fu training lays in the engagement of nearly all muscle groups and body systems. This ensures a harmonious development of the human body.

Alternations of static with dynamic exercises positively affect the abilities and mobility of joints, thoroughly develop ligaments, develop muscular system, improve endurance, etc. Exercising regularly gradually instills the habit of proper breathing, combined with high training pace creates specific requirements for the respiratory system, adherence with which increases lung capacity.

Martial Art and Children

Children learning Kung Fu at our school also learn important qualities such as discipline, confidence, leadership, respect toward others and physical strength.

The teaching philosophy at the Golden Dragon Children’s Kung Fu school is based on the principles of honor, common sense, respect and self-improvement.

Being Yourself

Hey! How are you?

Not so good?

They're “bugging” you at school again, friends making fun of you, other boys bullying you? When you ask “What do I do”? When is this going to end? You keep on getting the same answers : “Wait till you get older...” or “ It's going to be ok, be patient...”

Why I do Kung Fu

1. It helps me to be more disciplined, more attentive and more confident.

During training, we have to do the same movements over and over again, and make sure we do them right. It’s not easy, because I am still young and sometimes I get distracted, it's fun when I get it right. And the more I am able to do, the more confident I get.

Child's Training with dumbbells

Joint mobility exercises

1 Head rotations

Perform head rotation 20 times in each direction. All exercises should be carried out carefully. The speed of motion is average.

2 Arm swings

Swing your arms forward then backward, 20 times in each direction. Fists should be clenched, elbows straight.

3 Waist rotations

Perform a waist rotation 20 times in one direction and the same in another. Starting position: legs spread slightly wider than shoulder width, feet apart at 45 degree angles. Hands on your hips. During the rotation, the bend must be at its maximum.

Right Nutrition - it's simple

If anyone will ask me what is the most important period in a person's life, I will repy without hesitation: childhood. It is during childhood time that the basic notions about the right attitude towards life, towards the surroundings, toward self are formed; basic habits surface that affect health.

Speaking of health, I not only mean the absense of cough or cold because health has a much broader sence.

Take a car for example. If all mechanisms are intact and are well maintained, if we constantly monitor the condition that the suspension is in and regularly change oil and fill the gas tank with good quality petrol, then the car will run smoothly without giving the owner any hard time. The same goes for our organism. If the internal organs are working cohesively, muscle system is harmoniously developed, the joints have enough mobility, and the body receives the nutrients it needs, only then can we talk about health. Every parent wants to see their child cheerful, lively and carefree happy. How can this be achieved?



Little yin asked the master:

Teacher-Yang, is there any Truth?

- The truth is only in that which you're asking - replied Yang.

Little yin was taken aback:

- Teacher, then the truth is fleeting and therefore we can say that it is not?

Wise Yang grinned, thumbed one bead over and as if expecting this queston his whole life, replied:

- Truth - it is a road and the road is infinite. And that, which you understand as the Truth, little Yin – is just a cozy tent on the side of this road.

Little yin admiringly listen to the teacher. Answers, which he hoped to obtain, have lost their relevance.

Master's words were more, than answers.


Wise Yang said:

-Knowledge sets a person free.

Little Yin asked:

-Is it true that a lot of knowledge can bring a lot of grief?

Wise Yang replied:

- So they say, when they put on a good face during a bad game.

Little yin asked:

-Is the Path of Knowledge - infinite?

Wise Yang answered:

- Knowledge has no borders, but only a free man can walk this Path.