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Action Movie Summer Camp at Golden Dragon

Don't miss it out – two weeks only!

August 4 - 8, 2014 | Monday thru Friday 9am - 3pm - book here

Jul 28 - Aug 1, 2014 | Monday thru Friday 9am - 3pm - book here

For students aged 7 – 13

Tuition: $350 for the whole session

Tuition Per Day: $80

This summer camp is for those who want to try themselves in front of the camera. If you have ever dreamed about being an action movie star, this is a right place for you!

We will be filming a movie based on a real story of Ancient China when Shaolin monks helped the Emperor to defend the country from Japanese pirates.

Conference in Bogota (Colombia) "Traditional and sports Kung Fu. Chinese Kung Fu styles and basic technics" (May 24, 2014)

Saturday, May 24, at 5.00 pm our Colombian branch “El Dragón Dorado Bogotá” will hold a lecture:

“Traditional and Sports Kung Fu. Chinese Kung Fu styles and basic techniques"

We will be brewing delicious Chinese tea and will be glad to see all of you there.

Our address is: Bogotá calle 70 #9-41.
U.S.A. Martial Arts "Hall of Fame" (2014)
May 17, 2014, U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon
How does the Action Studio Class at the Golden Dragon Martial Arts School differ from other schools?

Most action studios are filled with lots of equipment and staffed with instructors who teach stunt work across a variety of levels. An experienced cameraman will film you and your classmates as you leap across ropes and fly through the air doing summersaults. A clever editor will add visual effects, turning you into the next 'Superman', 'Batman' or 'Ironman'.
None of this is meaningful.

Award (2014)
Business Hall of Fame "2 Consecutive Years"
NEW Award for Kung Fu of "Golden Dragon"

1-st year (2013):

Students talk: Father and Son on Kung Fu (2014)


How did your family decide your child should start practicing Martial Arts?
Martial arts is widely known to be beneficial to one’s overall being. It provides skills that are useful in every facet of life: self defense, patience, discipline, flexibility, strength, focus, confidence and to some, even spirituality.

How long has your child practiced Kung Fu at Golden Dragon?
Around 7 months

After dragon fighting seminar
Dragon Fighting Seminar on April 6, 2014.

The Seminar with Don "the Dragon" Wilson who is 11-time World Champion Kickboxer. Don shared his experience in martial arts and kickboxing, explained basic technique of kickboxing and the elements of martial arts which can be used in the real situations of self-defense. At the end of the Seminar there was a Question and Answers session and everyone had chance to ask Don about his fighting or movie experience. We hope the attendees enjoyed the seminar and it enriched their martial arts knowledge.

More information and foto-report you can find here:

The gift for our Instructor Ibraimov Diamond, from Don "The Dragon" Wilson (April 06, 2014)

April 6, 2014 we were hosting Dragon Fighting Seminar with 11 times kickboxer champion, Don "The Dragon" Wilson. We learned the technique of kickboxing and Don explained the difference between martial and sport arts. Detailed information will be posted in our blog.  

Conference in Bogota (Colombia) "Kung Fu the art of life" (March 29, 2014)

We are proud to announce that the Saturday 29 of March at 10.30 am, our branch in Bogota (Colombia) "El Dragón Dorado" will present the conference "Kung Fu the art of life". We also have prepared the small martial arts presentation. Everybody is invited to have a cup of Chinese tea. Our address is Bogotá calle 70 #9-41 "Casa Rústica de Bogotá".

More about qigong

Chi Gong became an independent discipline not so long ago. Originally, it was created as a part of martial arts. Chi Gong has been developing and existing for thousands years for soldiers training in the army. Regular Chi Gong practice brings balance into your body and gives you strong health. And strength and endurance are the “side effects” of the Chi Gong.

But Chi Gong focuses not only on the physical body; Chi Gong practitioners become healthier spiritually as well. There is another definition of Chinese Chi Gong reflecting its essence: "Chi Gong is an effort of the will, expressed in the external action." Not the body determines how you move but your will. Primarily Qigong is training of the will. If you can train the body a few times a week, your willpower must be trained every day. These workouts combine spirit, mind and body and make the person whole.

body · mind · spirit