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Preparing for the winter camp "Be A Kung Fu star" (2014)

Be A Kung Fu Star!

2-day mini camp: $89 per day

(Bring a friend and get $20 Discount!)

Dates: December 22&23 (Monday and Tuesday)

Camp Hours: 9 am - 3 pm

Location: 11677 San Vicente Blvd, LA 90049

Ages: Girls & Boys 6-12 years

We can do PRIVATE Winter Camp for you and your friends. If you have group of 5-10 kids just call us and book your time (December 24,26,27)

Sign up here

T'was the season for Kung Fu Fun! Here is a video compilation of our Kung Fu Winter Camp on December 22-23rd in Los Angeles. To say we had a great time would an understatement! The kids were excited to be so involved, and they ran the gamut on everything from relay races to training to fight choreography. We even had a guest appearance by Christmas' favorite malcontent, The Grinch (whohelped the kids get in shape). Be sure to join us next Holiday season for even more high-kicking yuletide festivities!!!

Preparing for Halloween (2014)

This past October 31 marked Kung Fu of Golden Dragon's 1st Annual Kung Fu Terror Training. It was a hauntingly fun time for all the students! The festivities ranged from sharing treat bags and dressing in our favorite costumes to techniques and weapons drills (with the Reaper's Scythe of course). We look forward to even more fun and more family next year! Save the date... the next party will be TO DIE FOR!!!

Jeff Silberman "Kung Fu and the Fountain of Youth" (09.23.2014)

Golden Dragon student Jeff Silberman sits down to tell about how kung fu has improved his life. One of the school's most promising pupils, Jeff shares his take on self-defense, the differences between various styles, and how kung fu has been for him a "Fountain of Youth".
Music - "Invasion of the Southern Barbarian Pirates" by Noriyuki Asakura

Preparing for the second movie "Lessons Of Fate" (2014)

Preliminary fight choreography for Lessons Of Fate starring Dmitry Prosvirov and Bohannon Orr. The upcoming second chapter, directed and choreographed by Valery Prosvirov, promises just as much enlightenment as action!

The White Dragon Meets The Russian Dragon (2014)

Today Basil Masters, the White Dragon, stopped by the school for a visit - and on all days, our 2nd year Birthday Party! Master Valery was honored to show his awesome acquaintance the lay of the land, as well as some lightning-fast moves on the Wooden Man and the renowned - and dreaded - Two Finger Push Ups!! The two were happy to celebrate this momentous event together after their first meeting almost a year ago at the Martial Arts Hall of Fame...

Basil and Master Valery are excited to be working together, and are looking forward to pushing through numerous creative projects soon. Aside from upcoming sizzle shorts, their next project, Lessons of Fate, will be filled with action and wisdom, and will also usher in more opportunities for Golden Dragon's new Action Theater class! Stop by, and don't miss out!