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Andrés Salazar Review - "Kung Fu's world vision" (09.22.2014)

The seminar has been one of the hardest things I've ever done, although each day ended with an amazing satisfaction. The techniques and the principles have been a wake up call for me to keep training with greater focus on detail, gaining more and more control.


Bohannon's thought about the international seminar (09.21.2014)

So, Dmitry and Master both told me today that I will be beginning my morning training much earlier than usual at the kwoon for a week while we hold a international seminar for the students from Russia "Moscow" and Colombia "Bogota". I'll finally get to meet the master's other students! How exciting! Not only do I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of living and training at a dojo all Beatrix-Kiddo-Pai-Mei style, but getting the opportunity to train and be in fellowship with other students of our art is almost like being introduced to new family. Simply from what I've seen on Facebook and videos from the other school, they all seem like awesome people. I have no doubt that this next week will change my life for the better.


Students talk: Ava's interview (2014)

Ava's questions and answers session.

  1. Have you practiced any martial arts before?

    Before I started training at Golden Dragon I studied taekwondo and tang soo do.

  2. What did you know about Martial arts before and why did you decide to start practicing?

    I had been doing martial arts for 6 years and knew that it was good for my concentration, focus and physical conditioning. I decided I wanted to learn more about Kung Fu.

  3. How long do you practice Kung Fu at GD?

    I've been studying at golden dragon for a year and train whenever I'm in LA.
The gift for our Instructor Ibraimov Diamond, from Don "The Dragon" Wilson (August 24, 2014)

Finally received that gift :)

And here a couple of warm words for Diamond from the Don "The Dragon" Wilson: "Thanks for your support Almaz!  You are probably the only person in Moscow with my personal Dragon Traditionz shirt. Thanks for your support and keep on KICKING."

Kung Fu Summer Camp "Once upon a time in China" (August 08, 2014)

The Action Movie Summer Camp at Kung Fu of Golden Dragon Martial Arts school was great!

The Path to Great Potential Opens Up during Childhood

Every child is different: they can be quiet or restless, serious or playful, creative or funny, but one thing all children have in common: they all have a lot of energy. Part of our role as parents is to channel this energy in the right direction, discover our child's talents and help them achieve their best. It’s not an easy task but we are willing and able to help you on this journey. Here we explain how we do it.

Golden Dragon is a martial arts school, not a competitive sports organization. Our priorities are improving the health and expanding the capabilities of each student. For five thousand years, those who have practiced Chinese Kung Fu have had phenomenal results, not just in health, but in their overall self-development.

Effects of kung fu on development of children

Kung Fu has still a much greater impact on entire human organism.

One of the main advantages of Kung Fu training lays in the engagement of nearly all muscle groups and body systems. This ensures a harmonious development of the human body.

Alternations of static with dynamic exercises positively affect the abilities and mobility of joints, thoroughly develop ligaments, develop muscular system, improve endurance, etc. Exercising regularly gradually instills the habit of proper breathing, combined with high training pace creates specific requirements for the respiratory system, adherence with which increases lung capacity.

Martial Art and Children

Children learning Kung Fu at our school also learn important qualities such as discipline, confidence, leadership, respect toward others and physical strength.

The teaching philosophy at the Golden Dragon Children’s Kung Fu school is based on the principles of honor, common sense, respect and self-improvement.