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The Way Of Kung Fu (2012)

It would be silly to condemn the modern culture - we will get that which we were hoping to attain. These days, the greatest financial gain is received by those who can come up with the most effective product. Nevertheless effective does not deep in its meaning. For example, roller-coaster rides certainly are fun, but riding them every day can lead to brain damage.

We don’t consider two half-naked men with overinflated muscles competing in the ability to maim each other to be martial art. The traditional martial arts is much deeper. Martial art - is the overcoming of one’s weaknesses, the battle with self, with shortcomings, and is the way of improvement of self.

Foolish are those who see only the surface for you can not judge the strength by the size of muscle nor can you judge the technique by the effectiveness of methods. The truth is in simplicity.

Kung Fu - not a sport, Kung Fu - is a life path of improvement and excellence.

Golden Dragon never gets bored! (October, 1012)

When our school opened the doors in Brentwood, one of LA's neighborhoods, we had an excellent idea how to spread the word about us to locals. And did that in a very fun way. We offered everyone to help us to build the Golden Dragon... of the chopsticks! Look how beautiful it is, isn't it?
We got a lot of friends after that. Brentwood residents are very joyful and kind people. Now they come by to the studio and say: “Hey, do you remember me? I built the Golden Dragon with you!”

Classes for Seniors

Active Seniors

There are many places to visit, cruises to take, mountains to climb, and things to do, but we must be careful not to injure ourselves. One way of staying active and decreasing the risks of potential injuries and strains is by performing slow, smooth, and low-impact exercises that will rejuvenate our bodies, tone and energize our muscles, and give use the abilities to move as we did 20 years ago. Just a few trainings a week and we’re ready to run.

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Programs for Seniors: Tai Chi and Qigong. All exercises are low impact, soft and safe.

Tai Chi and Qigong classes for SENIORS


Monday Wednesday Friday
9am – 10am

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

Beverly Hills Courier (July 20, 2012)

For more than 10 years, the Golden Dragon Martial Arts School has been teaching the basics of Kung Fu in Russia, Austria, Spain, China and the U.S. The school came to the Westside this month when the local studio opened at 11677 San Vicente Blvd.

Why should someone practice ancient Kung Fu when the world is filled with modern and fashionable methods of physical development?

Summer Discounts (July 17, 2012)

Only this summer Golden Dragon School offers 4 FREE introductory lessons to traditional Chinese Tai Chi and Kung Fu. You will learn the ancient methods of controlling your breathing, using your energy, and unique ways of developing your body. Practice that is 5 000 years old, cannot not work.

Author: Golden Dragon School

Interview at the Golden Dragon School in Los Angeles (July 10,2012)

Interview at the Golden Dragon School in Los Angeles 10/7/2012

What approach does Golden Dragon use in teaching martial arts?

Unfortunately, the traditional Chinese approach to training in the modern world does not work. Modern man simply does not want to do what he does not understand, he doesn’t want to be satisfied with a distant prospect of development (that someday he will become aware and will understand) all the while wanting to get everything immediately.

We live in a world of double standards: the first – is objectivity, it’s what we are capable of and what we are capable of having; the second – it’s what we think we are capable of. These are unfortunately completely different things and in today’s society most of the people exercise the second option. The approach to study of martial arts should include a detailed explanation of the basic principles of life. Despite the seemingly high level of education of a modern man, he can quickly understand and realize only the very basic things, so you must give the person an opportunity to feel the simple movement of his body and give him the opportunity to understand how these movement spread to the rest of his life. After all, it is no secret that the human mind and body are closely intertwined. And that which a body can do, the mind can do as well, getting the person closer and closer to the objectivity in perception of self.


What approach does Golden Dragon use in teaching martial arts?

Mopreme Shakur soong about our school (June 30, 2012)

We have been friends with Mopreme Shakur since 2011. He wrote a song for our school and here you can see the Video!

Grand Opening (June 30, 2012)

On June 30, 2012, in the year of the dragon, a martial arts school like no other by the name of Golden Dragon has finally opened its doors in West LA.

Instructor of austrian branch of Golden Dragon's kungfu school

Golden Dragon School opened a branch in Vienna, Austria. Instructor of the branch - Kirill Nesterenko trained at our school for over 5 years. He received training in internal and external direction and was granted the permission to teach martial arts.
Chinese Kung Fu (Internal technique of Kung Fu)

Internal family of Chinese martial arts, especially Tai Chi Chuan, is greatly discredited, thanks to charlatans and to illiterates . The main feature of the study of Tai Chi Chuan – are slow and gentle movements which have become the basis of calling Tai Chi Chuan a gymnastics all the while spreading false theories about the uses of “QI” energy. In fact, Tai Chi - a martial art and a way of self-defense, built on the principles of defense, not attack.