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Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead (2016)

Valery Prosvirov & his son, Dmitry Prosvirov will keep me alive, younger and healthier than any medicine I know of.  I first met them when I was 78 with the firm belief that  the best exercise for someone my age was changing channels on my tv.  My posture was terrible, my balance was pathetic and my flexibility was only good in the hand I used for the remote channel changer.

Martial Arts training?  Kung Fu technique? Ancient Chinese breathing exercises?  Weights?  Falling down and getting up exercises?  I had started to fall down without any training before so who needed it. 

Surely you jest!

Yet they were so confident of the value of all of this in every person’s life that they said my first lesson could be “free”.  So who could resist that magic word?  And that is how it began for me.

Today at 80 I am in better overall shape than most men my age…although most men my age are dead.

Star Wars: The Dark Chronicles (2016)

Many paths can lead to the Dark Side. Only one path can lead back to the Light.

The Dark Chronicles follows the stories of Kwi Naru, Val-Sei, and Na'ir, three Jedi destined to confront the darkest parts of their souls in order to find the strength within themselves to bring balance to the Force. With the guidance of their chief master Nir'uus K'Thali, Kwi and Val-Sei must rescue Na'ir from the evil Sith Lord Zan-Zio who he intends to destroy in order to take his place. Val-Sei must also keep Kwi out of the hands of Na'ir, lest he manipulate his mind and turn him to the Dark Side as well.

Happy New Year!!! (2016)
Today marked our first class of the new year at Kung Fu Golden Dragon. While most people would wait a week to start their New Year's resolution, our students, who ranged from ages 5 to 85, were here bright and early to continue their Chi gong and Kung Fu training. Aside from seeing our old friends return, we welcomed new members into the fold today as well. Master Valery let the students, old and new, through an hour-long intensive Chi gong exercise.
Winter Camp (2015)
This past holiday season, the world rested on its laurels with bated breath as Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters. Here at Golden Dragon, we paid homage to one of the most popular film franchises in history the best way we knew how: we held our annual Winter Camp in full Star Wars theme.


Kung Fu Christmas Party (2015)

This year marked Kung Fu Golden Dragon's first Christmas party at our new location on Santa Monica Boulevard! On December 19, 2015, we celebrated another year of family, fun, and growth in the martial arts as we held our third annual Kung Fu Christmas party!

Christmas-Party-(2015).jpg   Christmas-Party-3-(2015).jpg

Project "The Way of Life". Tai Chi Yang style by Valery Prosvirov (2015)
“The Way of Life” - dedicated to the ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan.
While Tai Chi is a martial art which cultivates the ability to end human life, it is not paradoxical in its principle; it is actually dedicated to the preservation of life. It is, of course, safe to say that this art fosters the possibility of being effective in combat – which is very useful and necessary – but this is only a side effect of the art itself. The philosophy of Tai Chi teaches us to cultivate life, strengthening it from day to day, from year to year. Following its doctrines and principles, one is certain to gain good health, vitality, and long life. In a sense, it is a veritable fountain of youth, as it allows us counter the destructive course of time and aging upon the body. This is why when you see elders practicing Tai Chi, they are usually more spry and limber than elders that don't. It literally helps us to never grow old! It gives the practitioner indomitable spiritual power, making us strong even when our bodies appear weak. Rest assured, this is not mad delirium. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I do not subscribe to the esoteric belief that people, the gods, love, or pacifism will save the world. This thinking is flawed; while they would like to believe they are at times, people are not gods. There are no Supermen among us waiting to save us from the perils of our nature. While Love functions, it is not the whole of life, and in some situations, violence is in fact necessary. Sometimes, it is even good, as it is the only way to bring those who use violence rampantly to understand the truth of why it must not be used all of the time. Want to bet? Examine, if you will, the condition of a 'pacifist' – lazy, uncertain of oneself when in danger, waiting to be victimized. Would you say you do not possess these traits? If you can honestly say no, good on you. But if not, merit the truth, for lying to oneself is the zenith of immorality and sin. The absolute truth is that without knowledge of violence and how it is used, you are simply waiting to become a victim of it, and there is where it shall teach you its function.
Decisive, but patient as I am a senior! (2015)
The Golden Dragon has been and is a wonderful experience, physically and mentally. The warmth and gentleness of my host Valery my teacher, a charming gentleman and a terrific teacher.
The Fountain of Youth! (2015)
I have been practicing with Valery 3-4 times per week for about 10 months now and feel 20 years younger.
"Head Master Valeriy is an absolute master of Chinese martial arts" (2015)
I began my training in kung fu at Golden Dragon Martial Arts School with Head Master Valeriy and Head Instructor Dmitry just over six months ago. I have never enjoyed any type of exercise or fitness activity more, and I have never benefitted more, both physically and mentally from training. At 31 years old, I can confidently report that I am in the best shape of my life thanks to the instructors at Golden Dragon.
Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop (2015)

Art Camacho's Stunt Fighting Workshop

On November 15, 2015, Kung Fu Of Golden Dragon was privileged to welcome Fight choreography and cinema heavyweight Art Camacho As he hosted a stunt fighting workshop for the martial artists in our community. With almost 3 decades of experience under his belt, Camacho left no stone unturned and no punch unthrown while meting out his indispensable knowledge of the way fighting works on film.